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You Must Know At All Times Exactly What Works..
And What Doesn't Work - Do You Know Where Your Buyers Are?

Prosperity Marketing

Promoting blindly is another monumental mistake that will cost you big time in the long run. Besides building your list and using splash pages...
Tracking is right up there with them.

Tracking your ads IS that important. Start doing it whether you are sending a solo ad to a safelist, list builder, rotating a link in a traffic exchange,
or any other advertising resource. (if you don't know what those are yet you soon will) Once you know what is working and what's not, you can switch over
your advertising to the sources that are creating results for you, and keep testing new and other sources in order to constantly grow your downlines faster each week.

If you aren't tracking your ads you will be wasting time with the resources that are not even performing for you...
and giving yourself less time to use the resources that are performing for you. Or worse, wasting TONS of money on ads that aren't bringing you
any results! You might as well flush your money (and wasted time) down the toilet.
You absolutely MUST track ALL your advertisements!

The most common reason why over 95% of people do not track their advertisements is because they do not know how, or they think it is too complicated.

Well thankfully a neat program has been created which makes tracking your ads extremely quick and easy - It's called HitsConnect, which offers a sophisticated ad trackingservice!

Now you have no excuse not to be tracking your ads... all you do is give HitsConnect the website link you are already promoting,
and then you will get a new website link to promote.. the new link will track the actions of your visitors (how many clicks and signups!)
Then you simply login to your HitsConnect account to view the results of your campaigns.
Easy.. and you will always know without a doubt how well your advertising is working... at the source.

Important Setup Steps for Integrating HitsConnect for Prosperity Marketing System:

1. Login to your ClixTrac account and go to Create Tracker from the menu. Scroll down to New Campaign Details button, click on that
and then create the NAME of your new campaign. Then press "NEXT STEP". Click on the option to "CREATE A BASIC TRACKING URL"
and go to
the next step. On the second line enter one of your Prosperity Marketing System affiliate links in URL area where it says:
If You would like to have the URL cloaked then scroll down and click the button "yes".
Then leave the rest of the options "no" unless you have some experience with these options.

2. When you are finished They will provide you with a tracker URL, you must use this new URL for all of your advertising
campaigns, otherwise your traffic will not be tracked!

3.Now look on the same page for a box containing a conversion tracking html code, it will contain img src. 
Copy the complete code in the box, by selecting the code and using Ctrl+C
 or right clicking your mouse and copy.

4. Within the Prosperity Marketing System. Go to the left menu under Personal Branding and choose 
Custom Tracking. In the first box under Signup Tracking Code, paste the html conversion image code you
copied in the previous step and then save.

5. Congrats! Your hits will now show up in your ClixTrac account as long as you are using the tracker URL they provided.
If you want coversions to show, you must use the instructions below. A "conversion" is whenever someone has opted in for free
through your Prosperity Marketing System link, they have not necessarily started a free trial or paid for their membership.
When you can track conversions, this is an excellent way to know where your signups are coming from. 
If you create more tracking links within ClixTrac for different Prosperity Marketing System affiliate links, 
you MUST also enter that unique conversion tracking html code into the Custom Tracking page from steps 3 and 4.
Repeat those steps as many times as needed for different Prosperity Marketing System affiliate links.



If you are using BuildabizOnline (BABO) for tracker and/or Autoresponder and wish to add your
affiliate link to the PMS system, please go to "INCOME BUILDERS" and then scroll down to "OTHER".
You will see BABO there and can add your link!



ClixTrac is our recommended ad tracking service. You will need the PRO membership in order to track conversions from your advertising sources, you can upgrade to yearly right away to save.

You can take a test run of it here: TEAM LEADERS LINK.

Don't forget to find your team leaders name and click on it to go to their page!

 Please login to the Prosperity Marketing System and go under "Income Builder", then "Ad Tracker"
and you will see where to upgrade.
here to go to your team leaders PMS site (Mentor's Program)

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